We offer complete service for your car air-con, call us today to book an appointment, and we will regas it right away.

We can re-charge your air-con while you wait. We perform vacuum test to check for any damages in your vehicle's air conditioning system that could cause a

potential gas leak


car ac repair

In case of a gas leak

, you will need to recharge your system again therefore, we suggest fixing any leaks ahead of regas process. Call us today to book your recharge. Air con needs regular servicing.

We offer A/C recharge and anti-bacterial treatment services for refrigerant gases widely used in cars today (




) to ensure your vehicle's air conditioning system is running as

cool and efficiently

as possible. Please take advantage of our free diagnostic check with your A/C refill.

a/c servicing

Is your A/C blowing warm air? Visit us to re-charge your air-con and be ready for hot days.

  • Test your A/C performance
  • Air Conditioning Cleaning
  • Air Conditioning Recharge
  • A/C Repairs

We pride ourselves on our excellent reputation for quality service, customer satisfaction, and personalised service. Our mechanics are transparent and will quickly identify every issue with your A/C, sometimes is a matter of exchanging a pipe or a faulty electrical component. In addition, we offer free performance checks to minimise your spending. In cases of any leaks, we will be able to identify them before the refill.

We've invested in the latest systems that will automatically clean, preserve, lubricate and refill your air conditioning system. It shouldn't take longer than

15 minutes

. While you wait, we'll be more than happy to offer you a hot beverage. Our cleaning process is designed to remove odours from your A/C system. We provide different generations of gases suitable for all vehicles. We all love the cool breeze in warm weather, especially when stuck in traffic. Therefore, call us and schedule an appointment today and visit our Yeading garage.


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