Scratches will decrease the value of your vehicle, come to our shop, and we'll fix it for you: no hidden costs, full transparency.

We offer structural repairs, alloy wheel welding and powder coating. Alloy refurbishment will instantly increase your vehicle value and improve its looks.

electrical diagnostics and electrical components repairs

We deal with scuffs and scratches on a daily basis. We'll help you find your exact colour match for your paintwork and respray elements. We offer integrity, commitment and quality service.

Using many years of experience, we offer car body and paint repairs and conduct insurance repairs for fleet services and individual customers. We can help you restore your vehicle by repainting it to its original colour with our exact colour code matching technique.

your car electrical diagnostics

Spray boot and specialist on-site, any car bodywork repair service in Yeading.

  • ABS Reset
  • Airbag Reset
  • Emission Testing
  • Service Reset

Our professional team can help you identify an electrical fault in your vehicle by full diagnostic. For example, most modern cars use windows controlled by an electrical system. Sometimes the car electrical system becomes faulty, which stops the window button from working as usual.

Call us and visit our garage for immediate help. We understand how difficult it may be to lock your vehicle without the ability to close the window. Our specialist will make sure your car works as expected before leaving the garage. To identify any electrical fault, our expert will run a series of tests on your vehicle to expose the cause and location of the problem with your car. It's challenging to list all electrical repairs we conduct, so feel free to call us for a free estimate within a couple of minutes. Sometimes a simple fuse may cause significant issues with electronics in your vehicle.


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