Your vehicle's timing belt will need replacing at strongregular intervals specified by your manufacturer. If the timing belt fails, it can have catastrophic effects, resulting in a complete engine replacement.

We can replace sections of the exhaust or the entire system as required. We can also fit replacement catalytic converters.

engine repairs

We repair steering column bearings and couplings, steering column bushes, ball joints, power steering pumps and hydraulic systems, and exchange manual and power steering racks.

Engine repairs can quickly get costly; it is essential to service regularly all the parts to avoid additional spending. At Nismo Motors, we can help you with any engine repairs.

engine repair

We offer all car services related to engines, timing bolts and gearboxes, don't worry if you don't see one listed below. Call us for more information now.

  • Ignition Coil Replacement
  • Water Pump Replacement
  • Engine Block Swap
  • Engine Pistons Repair

We think that the engine is the heart of your vehicle. In cases of engine failures, there is no space for mistakes. As you can imagine, engine repairs can be one of the most expensive car repairs. Some components are more likely to break than others. Our experts use advanced engine diagnostics to test the performance of your engine. Give us a call, and our mechanics will identify the issue within minutes based on facts and not assumptions.

At Nismo Motors, we can swap or rebuild your engine to like-new condition. We repair all major manufacturers and models. Is your engine overheating? Or perhaps the engine valve is damaged, and the piston ring needs fixing? Call our specialist for a free phone estimate. We've been servicing cars for the last ten years. With experience, we know how to deal with repairs like turbocharges and injectors, Diesel particulate filters (DPFs) or smoking engines. From our experience, we know that sometimes it's enough to change spark plugs when one of your car engine cylinders misfires.


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