Fuel system failures are common problems with older cars. Therefore, it's essential to check and replace critical components like fuel filter and pump to prolong the liveness of the system.

A faulty fuel pump can be diagnosed by different signals, like a whining noise when the engine is running at even revs or poorer performance. Are you experiencing any misfires or sudden decreases in power while driving? Call us today, and our mechanics will inspect your car right away.

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A fuel filter is a small component that blocks contaminants from getting into fuel injectors. When damaged, it affects ride quality and causes more expensive repairs.

Did you know that driving with low fuel levels can lead to earlier wearing out of the fuel pump? Do you have loose or corroded connections? Another potential cause of damaged fuel pump. Suppose the fuel pump is not working; don't presume the entire system needs to be replaced. In that case, our skilled mechanics will let you know all possible fix routes, whether it is a complete replacement or only a single component.

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Call us today and book an appointment. We offer all sorts of fuel system repairs for cars and vans.

  • Fix faulty fuel pump
  • Fix fuel injectors
  • Fix leaking fuel
  • Tank replacement
  • Replace fuel filter

Poor fuel can cause faults to your vehicle's fuel system and lower its performance. For example, difficulty with starting the car can indicate a fuel system problem. In some cases, the issue with the fuel system can cause a misfire that could cause problems with your engine. If you've tanked a lot of poor quality petrol sometimes, it is best to drain and clean the tank. In contrast, to attempt to burn through the fuel. Again, we recommend using recognised petrol stations.

An issue with fuel injectors can be easily noticeable, even if only one injector is faulty. At NismoMotors in Yeading, we offer all repairs related to fuel injectors. Do you have issues starting the car, poor idle with unstable revs or increased fuel consumption? If so, don't hesitate to contact us today to book an appointment with one of our specialists to inspect your fuel system. We offer injector inspection and cleaning and replacement in cases of totally damaged injectors. Sometimes modern engine designs make it difficult to see the parts instantly. However, with our ten years of experience, we know how to deal with any car design safely and in a time-efficient manner.


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