Our specialist will help you identify issue with your suspension right away. Dealing with shock absorbers, road springs, track control arms, ball joints, bushes, wishbone and all other suspension components on daily basis.

Our friendly mechanics are trained to repair your car to the highest standards. Our mission is to provide the highest level of customer service. Don't hesitate to call us for a free estimate over the phone.

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At NismoMotors garage, we can help you replace sections of the exhaust or the entire system as required. We can also fit replacement catalytic converters.

Suppose your vehicle suspension is not entirely functional. As a result, the vehicle's drivability is poor and may be difficult to control at a higher speed. Because this compromises the safety of all journeys, we highly advise regularly maintaining suspension. Are you planning a drive with a heavy load? Be sure and check suspension & shock absorbers before.

car suspension repair

Our trained specialists are ready to repair any suspension fault as soon as you drive into our garage.
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  • Replace ball joint
  • Replace bump stop
  • Replace shock absorbers
  • Replace stabilizer bar

If you run over a hole and hear a knocking sound, it probably means your suspension needs an inspection. Sometimes, a vehicle can become challenging to steer, which indicates faulty suspension - also very dangerous. Shock absorbers do not have any specific millage mark since it depends on the quality of the spring and roads. If you drive in areas that are bumpy, you may need to replace your suspension more often.

Suspension is made out of many components like a wishbone, bump top, shock absorber, stabilizer bar and more. At NismoMotors, we can help you with any suspension repair. Wishbone holds spring to the chassis, and it is mounted on a rubber bushing which sometimes gets worn out. If the wishbone is dysfunctional, you risk your tyres being worn unevenly. We suggest regular inspections to avoid extra costs in the future. If you feel your car/van drives differently, call us today and get it inspected before your next journey.


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