Scratches will decrease the value of your vehicle, come to our shop, and we'll fix it for you: no hidden costs, full transparency.

We offer structural repairs, alloy wheel welding and powder coating. Alloy refurbishment will instantly increase your vehicle value and improve its looks.

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We deal with scuffs and scratches on a daily basis. We'll help you find your exact colour match for your paintwork and respray elements. We offer integrity, commitment and quality service.

Using many years of experience, we offer car body and paint repairs and conduct insurance repairs for fleet services and individual customers. We can help you restore your vehicle by repainting it to its original colour with our exact colour code matching technique.

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Spray boot and specialist on-site, any car bodywork repair service in Yeading.

  • Body Filler
  • Paintless dent repair
  • Bumper replacements
  • Car Body Painting
  • Car collision repairs
  • Frame alignment and repair

At NismoMotors, we have the skills necessary to repair any damage at a reasonable price. In addition, we guarantee that all repairs are performed in accordance with the highest standards. In West London, we are the best option if you need professionals to handle body repair. Prices are competitive, and consultation is free.

Your car's paintwork may be impacted by a number of variables, such as the weather or the state of the roads. Whether you want a custom colour paint job or simply a touch-up on some scuffs and scratches, NismoMotors is dedicated to restoring automobiles to like-new condition. So get in touch with us right away for a perfect and outstanding paint finish. We can guarantee the best work standards since we have 10 years of painting expertise. We also refinish motorcycles and vans.

At NismoMotors garage we have everything you need.

Common Vehicle Body Repairs

Filling Putty

Body filling is frequently the best method for repairing more serious automotive body problems. The body filler, a substance put to the dent surface of the automobile, will be applied by our mechanic. When there is a large dent, this form of repairs is the best choice. The body filler is rubbed off to create a smooth line across the damaged surface. After the body filler has fully dried, the area is painted to match the rest of the car's body. After the job is finished, the body of your car will look like new.

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Bumper replacements

Car Body Repair near me. The front and rear bumpers are frequently the components that sustain the greatest damage in car accidents in London. This generally occurs when there is a collision in small accident. The bumpers should be replaced if they sustain significant damage. NismoMotors, a reliable car body shop in Yeading, West London can assist with obtaining and replacing the bumper with one that matches the type, brand and color of your vehicle.

car body repair near me - bumper replacements

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Car body painting

This kind of vehicle body repair is common. The majority of the repair work is done to maintain the car's exterior. Your vehicle may get direct damage in an accident or may sustain a significant exterior scratch. The majority of people just consider this kind of repair to be aesthetic, but it actually does a lot to safeguard your car from additional harm. Note that chips and scratches do pose great risks to your car including cracking, paint damage and rusting. Consequently, car body painting aids in protecting your vehicle from all of these problems. One of our painters will ensure that the colour code matches with your vehicle so that all painted parts match with the original car color.

body car repair near me - car body painting
Auto collision repair

Accidents or collisions can seriously damage your vehicle and lower its price. Car collision repair, which may involve a number of repairs, is essential for extending the longevity and performance of your vehicle. A collision can occur anytime and most people tend to ignore the damages that result because they seem minor. It's essential to repair everything to make sure that every journeys are safe.

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The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section on our garage's website is designed to provide quick and easy answers to common questions about our services and policies. This section covers a wide range of topics, including information about our repair services, pricing, insurance claims, and more. Whether you're a new customer looking to learn more about what we offer, or a returning customer with a question about your vehicle, our FAQ section is a great resource for finding the information you need.

We also offer MOT services.

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